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2017 Travel Apps You Need Right Now

Planning to travel in 2017? There's an app for that. As the world becomes increasingly connected through wirelessly connected devices, more and more apps are being developed to help us navigate that world.

To help you plan and travel with ease in 2017, we have pulled together a list of new and tried-and-true travel apps you need to try right now.

  1. Grab

Have you ever been on a long day of flying, but with a tight schedule? Airports -- unlike cities -- aren't easy to map out food sources before you arrive. It's easy to miss a meal or two while traveling because you had a short amount of time -- and little knowledge of what food is available to you in your terminal. Enter -- Grab. The Grab app allows you to find restaurants within airport terminals to ensure you can find a quick bite to eat that meets your dietary needs. The app now has features for mobile ordering too, so you can order ahead and just swing through the spot on your way to the gate.

  1. Dayuse.com

If you're stuck on a long layover, you'll likely suffer from airport fatigue. You want to shower, take a nap, and be away from people for a while -- but you don't want to cough up the cash to buy a hotel room for the whole night when you won't be sleeping there. Dayuse.com is an app with a solution. The app allows you to book a hotel room -- at reputable hotels not traditionally sleazy by-the-hour motels -- for a few hours use. The rates are up to 75% off the overnight price. Take a nap, shower, and then make your evening flight.

  1. Cool Cousin

Traveling to new places is always better if you can get the local, immersive experience. But what if you don't know anyone in the area? Cool Cousin is a new app that connects you with people in certain locations around the globe -- 14 and growing -- to experience off-the-beaten-path parts of your travel destination. Find out the hot spots to eat, party, and explore that you won't find in a guidebook.

  1. Sidekix

The fastest route isn't always the most fun to travel. While you're out exploring, sometimes you want to take the scenic route, but most GPS navigators don't have a search function for "prettiest drive." That's where Sidekix could come in handy. This app will deliver you a travel route based on your interests. If, for example, you want to grab lunch at a funky local spot on your way to the art gallery, Sidekix will show you the best walking route to take. Want to plan a pub crawl in a new city? Sidekix can help with that too! Now get walking!

  1. Geosure

Traveling to an unfamiliar place can be exciting, but comes with certain risks. How do you know if you're about to wander into an unsafe neighborhood or if there's political unease in certain regions? The Geosure app offers location-based information on recent crime, political uprisings, and even environmental threats in areas.

If, while out traveling in the world, you find yourself in Pennsylvania, there's a good chance you'll need airport car service Pittsburgh. These apps may help you navigate the globe, but they can't find you a Pittsburgh limo service like Regency Global Transportation. Once you've found food with Grub and a hotel, please contact us for clean, safe, comfortable rides with highly-trained, customer-orientated chauffeurs. There's no better way to ride.

Posted on May 02 2017

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