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3 Great Ways to Reward Your Best Employees and Boost Workplace Productivity

Performance appraisal is an efficient way to promote employee engagement and boost workplace productivity. By regularly rewarding employees for their achievements in the workplace, you can positively impact the workplace environment and ultimately push the organization to the realization of its objectives. Note, however, your reward system will only be effective if the rewards you dispense are truly perceived as valuable by your employees. 
Our specialists have, therefore, come up with a few proven ideas on how best to reward your employees and eventually boost productivity in the workplace.
To boost productivity, your employees need to feel constantly valued in their work environment and not just when they have achieved the objectives assigned to them. One way to show your employees that you value them is by employing the services of a concierge car service such as our Pittsburgh limo service for all their official duty ground transportation needs. Forgo conventional means and treat your employees to chauffeured transportation.
Besides the comfort and luxury, a concierge car service will provide your employees, you are also guaranteed that your employees will be exactly where they need to be, when they need to be there, allowing them to handle all business engagements assigned to them in an effective and timely manner, in turn pushing the organization further towards the achievement of its objectives.
The following are a few effective ideas on how to reward your employees and boost workplace productivity.

Paid Vacations

Instead of giving your employees cash bonuses, which will be viewed as no more than a salary and which will probably go towards the servicing of their bills, consider gifting them a paid vacation instead. A vacation gives them the opportunity to travel and make memories, something they may not have done had they been left to their devices.
This will not only give them a much-needed break but will better their work-life balance, boost their loyalty to your brand, and also reflect well on the company when it comes to recruiting new talent. If you are a budding business with few resources to spare, you could reward high performing employees with a simple experience such as a day at the spa, a weekend trip to a local winery, etc. Get creative!

Dinner on the Company

Your employees have been working for months and they may not have had enough time recently to spend time with their families. Why donít you treat them to a fully paid dinner for the family at a high-end restaurant? Everyone loves food and everyone loves dining in a fancy joint; treat high performing employees and their families to an evening of luxury to show your appreciation for all the effort and sacrifices they have made to further the companyís agenda.

Award Events

Everyone loves to be recognized for the work they have done and, more so, in the presence of their peers. We recommend hosting an annual or bi-annual award event where you recognize the company MVP, highest performing rookie, innovator of the year, etc. This will not only motivate the recipients to keep at it, but it will also encourage their fellow colleagues to pull up their socks in an aim to bag the awards during the next event.

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Posted on Apr 24 2019

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