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3 Ideas for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

The average cost of hosting a wedding ceremony is $20,000, which makes weddings one of the most expensive life events most people ever have to fund in a single instance. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to plan a successful wedding if you donít have an extra $20,000 lying around, or if you and your partner are simply unwilling to spend that much on a one-day event. Our Pittsburgh car service specialists have therefore come up with a few tips on how you can plan a great wedding on a budget.
First, consider employing the services of concierge car service such as our Pittsburgh Event Limousine Service for your weddingís transportation needs. Employing conventional means of transportation may cost you a lot more since the average vehicle can only hold four passengers at a time, which would mean hiring more vehicles. The average limousine, on the other hand, comfortably accommodates eight passengers, which means you would need fewer vehicles, hence cutting down on transportation cost.
Besides saving you a few bucks, our staff and chauffeurs have been professionally trained and will go above and beyond to provide you with a fulfilling and luxurious experience; willing to the extra mile to give you that fairy tale experience you have always dreamed your wedding would be. Now, letís have a look at some tips on how to plan a successful wedding on a budget.

Guest List

One of the biggest expenses of any wedding has to be the cost per head. It doesnít occur to most people but, big weddings arenít necessarily better than small weddings. In fact, smaller weddings may even be more intimate and fulfilling in comparison to large weddings. Do not feel pressured into inviting everyone on your contact list; trim your guest list and only invite those individuals you and your partner feel will truly add value with their presence.

Day of the Week

We donít know if you have noticed, but most wedding ceremonies are held on Saturdays. Choosing a day other than Saturday, however, may save you some cash. Choosing an unconventional day may make it easier to negotiate prices with vendors, with the management at the wedding venue, with caterers, and so forth. Choosing a day when you are less likely to compete with other couples will significantly cut costs on almost every aspect of your wedding event. The laws of demand and supply apply here.

The Reception

Country clubs and hotels are great places to have your reception, but they are also expensive options. You could choose to have the reception at a simple location that means something to you and your partner. For example, hiring space at the park where you first met, at your parentís farmhouse, etc. You donít have to break the bank with a reception venue that is largely meant to impress and entertain the guests; try thinking outside the box.

Posted on May 07 2019

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