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3 Ways to Overcome Homesickness

Being a company in the travel business, you can trust that our airport car service in Pittsburgh is thoroughly familiar with the concept of homesickness. Homesickness is a natural phenomenon that occurs during any transition that pulls you from the comfort and safety of your home; it could emanate from simply going camping for a few days with your friends, leaving your hometown for college, moving to a new city, traveling for an extended business trip, you name it.

For some people it is debilitating, and thatís okay, it could happen to the best of us; it is the mindís natural reaction to being uprooted from its comfort zone and thrown into a strange, new environment. But not to worry, from our years of experience, we have also gathered a few tips for effectively dealing with homesickness.

But before we get into that, we recommend employing the services of our Pittsburgh limo service for all your transportation needs, no matter what transition you are making. The scariest part of making a transition is going into the unknown. With our professional and experienced chauffeurs behind the wheel, however, you donít have to worry about navigating unchartered territory, you will no longer be flying blind. All you have to do is provide us with a final destination and we will transfer you there in a safe, expedient, and hassle-free manner as you simply relax, enjoy our luxury amenities, and psych your mind for the impending change.

Now, without further ado, here are a few effective tips on how to beat homesickness.


Build a Network

Yes, we know you already have your own circle of friends, but it is equally important to make new ones where you going. Build new relationships in your new environment that will help you fit in better, especially when you are dealing with loneliness and anxiety. If youíre not sure where to start, start by exposing yourself to environments where people who share a common interest congregate. For example, at career workshops, at the basketball court, at a gym, at poetry night, etc.


Create a Routine

Whether your transition is temporary or permanent, it is important to recognize that part of what makes home feel so comfortable and secure is a predictable routine. Routines are created subconsciously; you naturally create a certain procedure for going about your day that very subtly makes you feel stable. When you are uprooted from your comfort zone and you can no longer maintain the routine you are used to, that causes your mind some distress. To alleviate this distress, consciously create a plan to adapt a new routine in your new residence and in no time you will begin to ease into your new environment.


Watch your Health

Taking care of your body is always a healthy way to live, and it is more so when you are in a new environment that causes you stresses such as homesickness. Exercise is one of the quickest and most effective ways to beat both short and long term anxiety/depression. Working out releases endorphins, feel good hormones, in your brain that lift your spirit, giving you the will and energy to face the hardships that come with your current transition. Exercise regularly and before you know it, you will realize that you are fully integrated in your new environment, and that it feels as much like home as home does.

Posted on Oct 30 2018

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