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4 Crucial Holiday Safety Tips

With all the holiday decorations in place, the winter weather upon us, and the holiday excitement in the air, itís easy to forget about safety precautions and diligent behavior. Even in our excitement, we shouldnít forget that staying safe during this festive season is just as important as it has been throughout the year. With the unpredictable holiday weather and the exciting adventures to go shopping and visit family and friends, many safety concerns that you may not have been aware of will arise and our Pittsburgh Car Service is here to alert you on some of these and how you can mitigate them to ensure that you and your family stay safe throughout the holidays.

Donít Leave Valuable Packages in your Vehicle

We might like to assume that the world is a good place, and it is, most of the time. But remember, not everyone you see at the shopping center is there to enjoy holiday shopping deals and discounts. There will be some people there who are looking to take advantage of the high activity and steal from shoppers. To avoid being a victim of such opportunists, we recommend that you deliver your purchases home as soon as you check out of the store; this is especially so for bulky goods such as electronics which will be prominent from your car window even if you cover them with a blanket.

Turn off your Lights/Fires

With the holiday spirit taking over, we are driven to decorate our homes, light up the fireplace, turn off the lights and light up candles etc., in order to create the perfect Christmas ambiance. As much as this is fun, do not forget to extinguish any fires you had lit before going. It is also prudent to turn off any Christmas lights before you call it a night because a single short in a light Turn off all of your holiday lights, from the ones outside to the ones on your tree (fake or real) when you go to bed; a single short in the circuit could easily result in a fire; better safe than sorry, right?

Beware of Poisonous Plants

Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are some of the most popular Christmas season plants; but what you probably didnít know is that these plants are poisonous. They should, therefore, be kept away from children and animals at all times. We recommend that you keep these plants high up on the shelves where the kids and the pets canít access them; this will minimize the risk of accidental consumption. However, if you feel that the risk of accidental consumption is too high, for example, your child is too young to listen to instructions, we suggest that you go for imitation plants as opposed to real ones in order to eliminate all risk.

Posted on Dec 12 2017

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