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4 Occasions that Require a Stretch Limousine

If you havenít had the pleasure of riding a stretch limousine, you ought to add it to your bucket list. Luckily for you, there are numerous events that are perfect for a stretch limousine. Get in contact with our Pittsburgh Limo Service and transform a typical event into a magical one. If youíre not quite convinced, our Pittsburgh Car Service has put together a list of special occasions a stretch limo could make brighter.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

A bachelor or bachelorette party is a sort of last hoorah before you seize being single and officially start the journey into married life. Celebrating this transition in the comfort of a limousine is one way for the groom or bride to spend an intimate and unforgettable time with their closest friends. Limousines are equipped with numerous entertainment facilities including stereo systems, LCD screens, strobe lights, and even enough space to play games and dance.


Birthdays should be fun and relaxed, but most people spend most of the day trying to maneuverer from one point to another, especially if they choose to celebrate it by going out. If you choose to drive yourself on your birthday, you will find yourself worrying more about traffic and parking as opposed to celebrating the fact that you are a year older. Booking a limo, however, takes away all the hassle from the travel; sit back, relax, and listen to awesome tunes in a spacious setting alongside your best mates. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that once the celebration comes to an end, you and all your friends will be driven to your individual homes by a professional, guaranteeing everyoneís safety.

Prom Night

Prom is, essentially, a rite of passage; a once in a lifetime event that you should make as special as possible. Impress your date by hiring a limo to and from the prom venue. This will guarantee your safety since the chauffeur doubles up as a chaperone, which also means you donít have to deal with your folks calling in every 15 minutes to check on you. †Hiring a limousine on prom night will also allow you to extend the night even after the actual event is over; head over to a restaurant or park with that special someone and end the night in style.


This is one of the most important days of a coupleís lives; itís the day they finally tie the knot and abandon their lives of solitude, coming together in holy matrimony. However, if not properly thought out, the ceremony can end up being quite stressful. This could be because of late arrivals, parking issues, traffic navigation, etc. Renting a limo ensures that you donít have to worry about transportation on your special day, all you have to do is relax and let a professional drive you and your guests to and from the venue in a comfortable, luxurious, and timely manner.

Posted on Jan 16 2018

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