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4 Tips for Decorating your Wedding Limo

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life and you want it to be as flawless as it can be, but while you focus on making all the arrangements, it is important that you don’t forget one important aspect; your wedding limo, and more specifically, its decoration. All eyes will be on you and your spouse-to-be from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, so make sure you are riding in style. When you view the photos you took by the luxury vehicle, the view should be picture-perfect. So, here are a few recommendations from our Pittsburgh Transportation Service on how you can decorate your wedding limo on your big day.

Consider our Wedding Transportation Service in Pittsburgh for all your transportation needs on your wedding day; our knowledgeable personnel will cater to all your needs from decorations to personalized amenities in order to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Try Traditional Decorations

If you are an old soul or simply have a sense of humor, you can opt for the traditional ‘Just Married’ scribble on the back window of your wedding limo. You can also tie cans to the back of the limo as you make your exit from the wedding venue. Alternatively, you can tie old leather shoes at the back of the vehicle since leather was traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits, bringing good fortune the newly formed union. However, take great care not to damage the vehicle to avoid accruing additional costs when you return the limo. Ask if your company of choice allows such attachments or inscriptions beforehand.


We find that when it comes to colors, two colors have a better aesthetic appeal as opposed to decorating with several different colors. For example, if you want to decorate your limo with flowers, choose two different colors and combine them, sticking them in at different strategic points on the limo. Colors that work well together include red & black, white & green, red & white, red & purple, or any other two colors you and your spouse-to-be are crazy enough to try.


You don’t want to feel like something is missing on the day of your wedding; it is very important that you feel comfortable and content. Consult with your limo service provider and inform them of what amenities you would like in your limo. This could be a bottle of champagne on ice, your favorite snacks, a specific genre of music, a certain kind of lighting, and so forth. This is your big day and you have a right to be spoiled, so don’t shy away from demanding a personalized experience.


Ribbons are also great for decorating, as long as they match with the color scheme you chose. If you chose a red and white theme, attach red and white ribbons on the limo. Make small bows and stick them on the vehicle’s body; on the bonnet, door handles, the trunk, etc. to add a flare to the limo.

Posted on Feb 20 2018

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