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5 Tips to help Prevent Jet Lag From Sabotaging Your Business Trip

The chauffeurs who work for our Pittsburgh limo service see jet lag on a daily basis. Itís one of the most common problems for business travelers, and itís not something that only affects you when youíre traveling outside your typical time zone. Itís something we see all the time due to early morning wake-ups, long lines at the airport, long flights, the stress of travel, a poor travel diet, and even late meetings and sleepless nights. Before you call our airport car service in Pittsburgh to book your business transportation, take some advice from our professional chauffeurs and learn how to prevent jet lag from completely ruining your business trip.


Book the Best Flight

We understand this is not the same for everyone. Some people are morning people and like to rise early no matter what. We also understand that most morning flights are on time while itís later flights delayed more often. Your plane is already at the airport ready to go, you have a fresh crew ready to fly you to your intended destination, and delays are less likely due to weather in other cities. However, some people need more sleep and canít help but become exhausted waking up in time for a 6 am flight. If you can book a slightly later morning flight and sleep longer, do yourself that favor.


Drink Water

Flying induces dehydration faster than usual, which means youíre going to feel bad if you donít drink water. Buy a bottle when you get into the terminal, drink it, and then have another. Staying hydrated prevents you from becoming ill or facing headaches, and it helps with exhaustion.



Exercise in a different time zone or different is helpful. We recommend you take a long walk when you arrive to get some fresh air and rejuvenate your body. Hitting the gym every day while youíre away on business allows you to sleep better, feel less exhausted, and have more energy.


Skip the Drinks

After dinner drinks following meetings with clients and business partners is tempting, but it doesnít allow you the best rest. Drinking even one drink can keep you up at night, and youíre already staying out later than you probably want to have that drink. Kindly excuse yourself and head to your room for an early night and plenty of sleep.


Donít Nap

You might be tempted to nap, and we canít argue how good a nap feels. However, napping makes it difficult to sleep at night, which means youíll end up even more exhausted the following day. Do yourself a favor and push through the exhaustion during the day so you get quality sleep at night.

Jet lag is serious business, and we see our business travelers suffer regularly. Donít let the time change, the early mornings, and the late nights do you in. Get your rest, take care of your body, and make healthy decisions while you travel. We see what a difference it makes in the lives of our business clients, and we recommend it.

Posted on Mar 07 2017

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