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6 Things to Check Before Getting into a Limo

With so many transportation services to choose from, selecting a limo for your business event or special occasion event can be a difficult task. How can you ensure you're getting a safe vehicle and driver? Please take a look at our six tips for things to look for when hiring a limo service. 

1. Ask about the year and condition of the car

Ask the company about the make and model of the vehicle and where it was made. 

2. Ask for a Visual Inspection of the Car

Make sure that the car you plan to rent looks up-to-date and has no noticeable damage. Also, check for seat belts when applicable. 

3. Ask the Company to Verify their Insurance 

Transportation companies should have no problem providing proof of valid, appropriate current insurance coverage for their fleet.

4. Check Reviews 

Research companies that demonstrate that they have successfully operated for many years and have a solid reputation for quality and safety

5. Quality over Quantity 

Cheaper isn't always better. A safe, professional chauffeur is equally as crucial to the success of your event or meeting than the actual vehicle. Select a provider that places a high value on the caliber of their chauffeurs.

6. Understand the Contract Before You Sign

Know your rights. Inquire about the company's cancellation policy and ask for a copy in writing.

Posted on Feb 05 2020

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