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Best Coffee Places in Pittsburgh

Like the Steel City itself, the coffee culture here has been constantly evolving. There are numerous coffee shops serving meticulously crafted brews. The coffee shops our Pittsburgh Transportation Service has compiled are a perfect mix of classic and contemporary joints where you can bask in the aroma of brewing coffee and roasting beans. Here are some of the best places to get that caffeine boost whenever you are in town. Consider our reliable Pittsburgh Limo Service for all your transportation needs as you visit any one of these lovely spots.

Big Dog Coffee

We donít understand why they call this spot Big Dog because we havenít seen any dogs here. However, if you want to relax with your laptop and get some work done as you enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, this just the place to be. The place was recently styled and colorized by retired NFL player Baron Batch to give it an inspiring and contemporary ambiance. Enjoy their delicious brews and the company of a young and dynamic crowd.

4121 Main

This tiny but stylish coffee shop is always lined with fresh bloom and locally produced art, but apart from its cozy artistic feel, 4121 serves some of the best coffee in all of Pittsburgh. The joint has a shiny Spirit Duette espresso machine that brings the coffee beans to life. We recommend that you try their Ďaffogatoí which is a mixture of their coffee and locally produced ice cream; just heavenly.

La Prima Espresso Co.

La Prima Espresso Co. is a coffee equipment wholesaler but they also have their La Prima establishment where they show guests how to brew coffee the right way. We genuinely think they have the best cappuccino in the city, and rightfully, so seeing as the establishment is owned by an Italian family. The only downside is that there isnít enough space to bring a laptop and get some work done. But, either way, once you have had a sip, you will not be leaving any time soon.

The Coffee Tree Roasters

The Coffee Tree Roasters is a unique coffeehouse that sells bags of beans and numerous variations of brews along with gift baskets and pastries. The setting inside the premises has an exposed-brick design that gives the establishment a classic feel. The best thing about this joint is that it is open from 6am until midnight, so whether you want that early morning kick or late night boost, they will be there for you. There is also free Wi-Fi available and ample space for you to handle tasks on your laptop as you enjoy your brew. This establishment has shops in five different neighborhoods around Pittsburgh but our favorite is the Walnut Street location, especially when the garage door windows are all up.

Posted on Jan 09 2018

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