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Best Phone Apps for the Airport

Here at Regency Global Transportation, we know that travel can be stressful. That's why we're committed to providing our customers with a safe and comfortable travel experience. If you need airport car service in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to check out our services to make your trip a breeze. For help with the rest of your time at the airport, check out these great free apps for your phone!



Planning ahead for a long trip and need help keeping yourself on track? Download TripIt and add your flight information and confirmation emails for hotel and restaurant reservations. The app will compile a personalized itinerary for your trip. You can even connect it directly to your email account, and it will search for your trip details automatically. With extra alerts for your trip and saved info that you can access offline, this must-have app is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.



Developed by the Transportation Security Administration itself, this app has a wealth of information for your trip. You can check which items you can pack to make security checks stress-free and see how long security checks tend to take at any given airport on a particular day and time. You can also learn how to sign up for TSA PreCheck® to make your flight even easier. This app is available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.



Hate the wait for food at airport restaurants? This app lets you order and pay for your food ahead of time, saving you time and energy during your trip. With information from airports nationwide, this great app includes maps of your terminal to let you know all of your food and retail options and how to get there fast. You can get this app for iOS or Android today.



Need a place to relax at the airport, but unsure if you qualify for airport lounge access or what they have in store? This iOS/Android app has the answers you need. Find out what amenities are available, how to qualify, and pay for one of these luxurious experiences directly from the app.



Traveling between time zones? Avoid jet lag with this app developed by researchers at the University of Michigan. Answer simple questions about how you feel and provide your trip information and the app's algorithms will tell you when to seek out darker and lighter environments to get your body's internal rhythm back on track. iOS and Android users alike can also choose to share the data on their sleep with the researchers to help refine this useful tool.


From planning to making your time at the airport quicker and more comfortable to helping you once you arrive, these apps can all help your air travel experience go smoothly. For all of your Pittsburgh transportation needs, turn to Regency Global Transportation. Our professional chauffeurs provide a luxurious experience to make your travels in Pittsburgh the easiest part of your journey.

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Posted on Aug 08 2017

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