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Best Places to Enjoy Fall Colors in and Around Pittsburgh

We donít know about you, but the great consensus at our Pittsburgh car service is that fall is our favorite season. The rivers are flowing, the weather is crisp, and best of all, the leaves have transformed from their usual green to a spectrum of beautiful, bright colors. Unfortunately, this picture-perfect time of the year is short, so you have to make the most of it while you can.

We want to help you make the most of this season by pointing you towards the best leaf peeping locations in the Steel City. Our Pittsburgh transportation service representatives have compiled a list of our three favorite picks and that is what we will be sharing with you in this post. We also recommend employing the services of our Pittsburgh limo service for all your transportation needs throughout the duration of the season. Our professionally trained and hospitable chauffeurs have an intimate knowledge of the city and its environs and will transfer you safely and promptly from location to location as you simply sit back and look forward to arriving at your next fall foliage viewing location. Here are our favorite leaf peeping locations in Pittsburgh. Have a great season!


Ricketts Glen State Park

This Pennsylvania State Park covers Columbia, Luzerne, and Sullivan counties. The Park is within driving distance from Pittsburgh, being only 200 miles away. This is a particularly lovely place to view fall foliage, especially if you are a waterfall lover. Not only are the waterfalls flowing better this season due to the early rains, but the leaves have already began turning from their usual green to all sorts of bright colors. Surprisingly, the park is not crowded at this time of year, especially on weekdays; perhaps that is due to the fact that people reverted to their regular routines after summer, which makes it the perfect time to schedule your visit. We recommend taking the Falls Trail when you get there; the trail will lead you to all 23 of the parkís waterfalls; it is arguably the best leaf peeping trail in the entire state.


Raccoon State Park

Visit this 7,572-acre State Park in Hanover, only 24 miles (1-hour drive) from Pittsburgh. At this time of year, the foliage is completely draped in brightly colored leaves; it is no wonder Raccoon State Park is one of the most visited parks in the state during Fall season. The park is known to organize events and seasonal programs, so make sure to plan your visit around a Fall-oriented one for some extra fun to go with your leaf peeping.


Beam Rock Trail

Head over to the Laurel Highlands and enjoy the Beam Rock Trail which offers visitors stunning Fall foliage views. This location is especially exhilarating if you are a rock-climbing enthusiast. The only downside to the Beam Rock Trail is that it tends to be crowded at this time of year, but there is plenty of foliage to be viewed by everyone. Note, however, wet leaves fall on the rocks making things a little slippery, so exercise extra caution when exploring Beam Rock.

Posted on Oct 16 2018

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