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Best Tips for Keeping Your Employees Engaged at Business Meetings

A poorly organized meeting is enough to make your employees drift off without taking anything away from a business meeting. They’re not known for being entertaining, but we do know not all business meetings are a waste of time. It’s true that many meetings consist of information that might translate better and produce more positive results when it’s placed in an email rather than interrupting the days of everyone in the office, but some meetings are imperative. Before you gather the crew into the boardroom to meet, take a moment to learn how you can engage your employees and help them stay engaged.

Offer Something to Eat and Drink

You needn’t cater a big breakfast or lunch at your next meeting, but we’ve learned our employees are more engaged at meetings when they’re enjoying a cup of fresh coffee or something good to eat. Not only is a meeting infinitely more enjoyable when there’s food and beverage offered, it also keeps employee hands busy so they’re not distracted checking their phones for new emails or social media posts.

Make it a Team-Friendly Meeting

There is no I in team, and that’s something we try to remember when we have staff meetings at work. By allowing your team to stand together in meetings and voice their opinions and ideas, you work through issues faster and more efficiently. This is also a great way to share what you want your employees to know while also hearing what they think of new implementations that affect their work and productivity. When they feel like they're part of the team, they’re more likely to remain engaged.

Choose Your Speaker Wisely

The most intelligent person at the company isn’t necessarily the right choice for speaker at meetings. If you want to keep the team engaged, you must have someone with a personality up at the podium doing the speaking. For this, you need someone who is engaging, funny, and relatable to everyone; a person who makes everyone want to pay attention because what he or she has to say is always worth hearing. The person who speaks is the person who captures and keeps the attention of everyone in the room.

Offer Perks and Rewards

If you want to keep your team engaged at business meetings, offer some rewards. Why not offer the person who comes up with the best solution to a problem our Pittsburgh limo service to and from their next business trip as a reward? Or offer your employees a gift card or other incentive if they are able to execute something in a specific amount of time. Rewards make people play attention, and they encourage participation.

Our airport car service in Pittsburgh is comprised of the most professional chauffeurs, and we can help you get your employees to and from meetings safely. While you worry about meeting engagement, don’t worry about hiring a transportation service with the most luxurious, comfortable, and safest vehicles, because we have you covered for stress-free travel.

Posted on Jun 13 2017

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