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Business Tips: Trust – The Art of Building a Relationship


limo service pittsburgh , business tipsWhether on a personal or professional level, one of the most important aspects of any relationship is trust. For most people, the process of building trust is slow, and once broken, it is difficult to get back on track.

When it comes to trust, there are two primary concepts. First, some people trust everyone until they have a reason not to trust. For these individuals, there is always the risk of trusting the wrong people too soon. Second, some people feel that trust is something earned through actions. In this case, trust is slow, highly respected, and very serious. Interestingly, people from both groups agree that the art behind building a strong and lasting relationship is trust.

Trust in the Business World

Just as trust is vital to a personal relationship, it is a huge key to success in the business world. To achieve success, regardless of industry type or size, a company must have a strong network. The number one element to building a network is trust. In business, trust is a journey taken with each person you deal with. In other words, trust develops with everyone as the business grows and changes, including corporate executives, retailers, merchants, suppliers, vendors, co-workers, clients, and more.

While it might seem odd, when looking for support from people within your network, one of the most effective means of creating trust is to be vulnerable. Of course, the level of vulnerability has to align with where you and others are in the journey. To be vulnerable while building up another person is tough, but this can be accomplished by asking for advice. As the other person recognizes your vulnerability coupled with his or her own self-worth, the relationship begins to strengthen.

When in the early stages of building a relationship based on trust, it is important to reveal and even elaborate on everything you know regarding any topic of discussion. By doing so, you show confidence and vulnerability by coming to that person with a wealth of information that will prove beneficial. The other individual feels as if you have just let him or her in on something important and special.

In comparison, when building a relationship on trust with someone you have known a long time, the approach is different. More than likely, this person has a good understanding of who you are and what you know. Therefore, it is essential to be upfront about lacking knowledge regarding a particular issue. When you ask that person for advice or assistance, trust is emphasized.

The Bottom Line

Without question, trust is at the heart of building a relationship. How well you know another person will help determine the right approach. The ultimate goal in business is to surround yourself with trusted people who genuinely want you to reach incredible success right along with them.

Having a trusted relationship provides you with a safety net so if you do face challenges, there is a group of people that always have your back and will be 100% honest, no matter what.

Having a limousine service you trust is one of the most important relationships with business travelers. Regency Transportation Group is a safe, reliable and reputable ground transportation provider, the most trusted in Pittsburgh!  Call us today to book your travel.

Posted on Jul 15 2015

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