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The do's and don'ts of packing

If thereís one thing we know how to do, itís pack. Our professional chauffeurs transport enough luggage for the clients of our Pittsburgh car service to know who is packing too much, who isnít packing enough, and the dos and doníts of packing for any trip. We might seem like nothing more than a Pittsburgh transportation service to you, but we are people who get to know travelers from every walk of life and every area of the world. Weíve learned a thing or two from speaking to our customers, and weíve learned the importance of packing correctly on any trip. We want to share our knowledge with you, because we know packing correctly can make your entire trip and vice versa.


Check the Weather

May in Florida might be hot and miserable, but that doesnít mean itís the same in Pittsburgh or any other city. So, wherever you decide to travel, you must first check the weather. This is the best way to determine what you might want to pack, what you can avoid, and what might make you more comfortable when you land.


Pack Neutrals

Itís not cheap to pack several bags and put them on an airplane, which is why you want to keep your luggage to a minimum. Not only do most airlines charge you for each bag you carry on or check, you also get charged for the weight of each bag if it exceeds airline regulations. Now is a good time to learn the value of packing neutrals. When everything is in the same color palette, you can limit the number of shoes and accessories you bring. Neutral colors go with anything, so youíll be able to take one pair of shoes much further than you would if you had packed a variety of different colors and styles.


Stick to Basics

Whether itís business or travel, stick to the basics. If you pack jeans, make them a nice dark wash color with a great cut so you can wear them any time of the day. A black blazer can dress up any ensemble, and black dresses can be worn with sweaters, belts, jackets, and anything else to make them look like a different dress each time you wear them. When you stick to basics, you can help keep your packing to a minimum


Leave the Nice Stuff Home

There is no reason to take your most expensive jewels and other items on any trip with you. These make great targets for thieves, and they make you nervous. Leave them home and pack the fun, cheap stuff instead. Itís a great way for you to relax a bit while you travel.


Packing dos and doníts involve the following:

-††† Do pack light

-††† Donít pack a variety of color and styles

-††† Do stick to neutrals

-††† Donít pack your valuables

-††† Do think classic


Itís simple, itís effective, and it never fails anyone who tries this at home. Think of all the money youíll save when youíre not paying for multiple bags on a flight, and itís less likely you will overpack and cause your bags to weigh too much.

Sooner or later, we all get to travel for business. Although most people see this as a chore, it doesnít always have to be this way. We recommend the blog published by our Vancouver limo service friends at Griffin Transportation as their article gives some great tips on how you can mix business with pleasure.

Posted on Apr 25 2017

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