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Executive Etiquette for Business Dinners

executive etiquetteJust as there are rules when flying, using the services of a Pittsburgh limousine service, and staying in a hotel guestroom, there are rules when having dinner with colleagues or entertaining business clients. In reality, good etiquette will go a long way toward making a lasting impression, whereas poor etiquette can have a negative impact on your career.


Proper Rules of Etiquette


The way you eat says a lot about your character, revealing either confidence or incompetency. When at a business dinner, it is important to know the right way to behave at the table.


  • Hand Shake—When approaching a table where other people are already seated, shake the hand of each individual, and for unfamiliar faces, introduce yourself.


  • Seated Host—Wait to be seated until the host has taken his or her seat. After being seated, place the napkin in your lap.


  • Proper Ordering—After looking over the menu, hone in on one or two items of interest. If you need clarification about anything due to food allergy, gluten intolerance, or preferred vegetarian diet, limit your questions to those dishes. Otherwise, you spend too much time ordering and appear indecisive.


  • Host’s Lead—When attending a business dinner, always follow the host’s lead. For instance, if the host orders a mid-priced meal, you want to stay within that same price range. If your host orders a cocktail, then you know that having one alcoholic beverage is fine.


  • Easy-to-Eat Foods—To avoid making a mess and looking clumsy, order foods that are easy to eat. For example, fish, chicken, and steak are always good choices. The types of food you want to stay clear of include barbecued ribs, spaghetti, and greasy burgers.


  • Food Sampling—Once your food arrives, be polite by sampling everything. If something on your plate is not appetizing, you are not required to eat it, but out of respect for the host, at least sample each food item on your plate.


  • Alcoholic Beverages—As mentioned, you should only order a cocktail if the host does. Even then, limit yourself to one or two drinks. Any greater amount puts you at serious risk for saying or doing the wrong thing.


  • Appropriate Conversation—In addition to business topics, talking about hobbies, family, pets, and other such topics is fine. However, you never want to delve into a conversation at a business dinner pertaining to politics, religion, or any controversial topic.


Relying on a Pittsburgh Limo Company


For the ultimate business dinner, you and other guests can share the services of a reputable Pittsburgh limo service. In addition to being convenient, this provides the opportunity to have conversation prior to and following dinner.

Posted on Feb 09 2016

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