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Father's Day Travels

pittsburgh limo, limousine service pittsburgh, pittsburgh limo ,business tripHaving a father that travels for business on a regular basis means there are times when they aren't home to be spoiled on their special day. If your father or husband is going to be traveling on Father's Day, the perfect gift is a limousine ride to or from the office or airport. If Dad is just getting home from a business trip, having a limousine there to pick him up when he gets off the plane would be a relaxing way to end a successful business trip. 

The Latest Technology

The newest limousines are equipped with state of the art technology. Not only are they guided by extremely accurate GPS systems, they also have remote phones, high definition television and Wi-fi that allows the passenger to access their emails, make phone calls or participate in conference calls all from the comfort of the finest in leather seats. Traveling for business can be stressful. Having the advantage of limousine ride home means being able to tie up loose ends that may otherwise take away from the family's plans to celebrate. 

Business Advantages

Hiring a limousine also has advantages when it comes to business dealings. If you are working with a person that is very family oriented, what better way to impress upon them the importance of their achievements as a loving father, than to hire a limousine to be at their disposal for the duration of their stay. If the trip is keeping them from their family over the Father's Day weekend, having the use of the limousine may take away some of the disappointment of not being able to be with their family. With the remote Wi-fi and telecommunication features, the guest of honor can be in constant communication with either the family or any number of business associates. 

Special Amenities

Many limousines come equipped with mini-bars, massaging seats and entertainment decks that include access to music, television and movies. Limos and other vehicles are available in a variety of sizes ranging from sedans to large buses that can transport several people at a time to group functions such as weddings, meetings and conferences. For dad's who are forced to travel as a part of their job, having access to some of these features can make the trip worthwhile and enjoyable even if it is only for business. 

Traveling on Father's Day doesn't have to be boring or tedious. Arrange for a limousine to pick him up in style and take him wherever you need him to be, whether its home to get ready for a night out or to a quiet restaurant. Hiring a limo in Pittsburgh takes the stress out of worrying about directions or getting to your destination on time. It can also make an a special day even more memorable and exciting.

Posted on Jun 17 2015

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