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How to Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling

limo service pittsburgh, pittsburgh limo , identity theftWhen you travel for business, each trip adds to your risk of identity theft, which means that frequent fliers should pay more attention to their information to avoid becoming a victim. If someone commits identity theft against you, the results can range from merely exasperating to disastrous, depending on how much damage is done and when you discover the crime in the first place.

Criminals will steal your identity to set up credit cards and bank accounts in your name that you have no knowledge of. They might use your cards to order expensive items via the Internet and have them sent to another location so they can sell them while you are none the wiser.†

When they get your banking information, criminals can quickly drain your accounts and run up debts, potentially ruining your credit score.†

Itís a good idea to test identity protection apps such as AllClear ID, IdentityGuard and LifeLock, noted a recent article at Road Warrior Voices. Once you find an app that best meets your needs, youíll get access to any changes criminals try to make to your accounts, including using your social security number.

Youíll also want to photocopy all your important documents, including your driverís license, passport, credit cards and bankcards. Keep the information in a safe place and give a copy to someone you can contact quickly while on the road in case criminals steal these items.

Keep your banking and credit card companies in the loop, letting them know your itinerary so they wonít flag each legitimate transaction you make in foreign locales as a potential criminal threat.

At the same time, you should stay quiet on your social media channels. If you publicly broadcast your travel days and locations, criminals can use this information to raid your home (and mailbox) for personal data. Wait until you get back from your trip to start posting images and reports about your trip.

The team at Regency Transportation hopes that none of our passengers ever falls victim to identity theft. By using identity theft protection apps and following best practices to safeguard your personal data, you stand a better chance of retaining control over your information.

Posted on May 15 2015

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