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Little Known Travel Hacks to Save You Time and Money

As is to be expected from a transportation service, we are all extremely passionate about traveling at our Pittsburgh Limo Service. We love discovering new places, experiencing new cultures, trying new things, and discovering new details of the world that we may have otherwise never discovered. However, we all know that traveling takes time and costs money. Our Pittsburgh Car Service has gathered a few travel hacks over the years that will help you save both time and money, whether you are traveling internationally, domestically, flying, or road tripping.

Subscribe for Price Alerts

If you are just about to go on your trip, it may be tempting to go ahead and purchase a flight ticket right away, but it may be safer to hold off for a bit; you might just end up saving some money. We suggest that you subscribe to airline price alerts that will prompt you whenever flight ticket prices fluctuate and enable you to know when your airline of choice is offering the best price.

Many people recommend the ‘Hopper’ app, which will constantly alert you on whether to purchase your ticket now or whether to hold off. The developers of this app have collected trillions of flight ticket price data that enables them to analyze and share insightful predictions with their users and according to their website, they have been 95% accurate in their predictions, which are pretty good odds considering that you may end up purchasing your ticket at the highest price on your own.

Start Making Travel Arrangements Early

If you plan to travel sometime in the near future, start making travel arrangements about a month prior, don’t wait until the last minute to start rushing. According to a recent study in a Dutch Journal on the Quality of life and factors that influence it, travelers are their happiest not when they are on holiday or when they are back from holiday, but when they are looking forward to it. This feeling of happiness and enthusiasm can only be achieved once you have taken care of all your travel arrangements, waiting until the last minute will only result in anxiety and stress. Apart from the happiness factor, making travel arrangements early ensures that you get the best prices and ensures that you do not experience unnecessary setbacks or delays because you forgot to take care of a certain aspect of the trip in your rush to get everything done at the eleventh hour.

Make Good Use of Free Stopovers

Free stopovers allow you to turn one vacation into more of an experience than your budget would have allowed. Several airlines have stopover programs but stopovers are much safer when you are traveling on the ground. Explore the town/city that you have stopped at; explore the food scene, learn the culture, visit tourist destinations, buy souvenirs, etc. before you are back on the road to your actual destination.

Count on us for all your travel needs. Regency Global Transportation Group is an industry leader, providing first class, reliable ground transportation in the Pittsburgh Area and around the world.

Posted on Apr 17 2018

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