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Mixing Business with Pleasure

Mixing business with pleasure gets a bum rap. In an ideal world, we would all live in such a way that our work and personal lives jive in perfect harmony. While that might not be the current reality, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice all enjoyment while traveling for work. Here are four ways to experience some pleasure on your next business trip, without compromising work responsibilities.


Enjoy the Cuisine

Nothing captures the essence of a city like the food. And even if your itinerary is packed with meetings, you’ll have to eat! Ask around for recommendations on the best places nearby to enjoy local flavors. The concierge at your hotel is a good place to start, but don’t be afraid to ask your cab driver, colleagues, or perfect strangers to get an array of delicious options. If you’re using our Pittsburgh limo service, our chauffeurs will be happy to suggest some wonderful restaurants. If you don’t have time for a big meal out, consider stopping at the local coffee shop on the corner rather than opting for the chain that can be found almost everywhere.


Shop Local

Do you have a headache after a long day in presentations? Pick up your aspirin at the locally owned drugstore rather than the chain. Are you looking to pick up some snacks to stash in your work bag? Stop in at a local market rather than a corporate grocery store. Mundane errands can take on the feel of a vacation with just a few intentional shifts. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses that give cities character and charm with your hard-earned money.


See the Sights (Or At Least One)

Every town is known for something. Be it the world’s tallest sunflower or the Willis Tower, it’s fun to experience a city’s signature attraction. If time permits on your business trip, do a little research and find at least one place to visit or special experience to take part in. That way you’ll have something to remember when you go home besides the inside of a conference room. New experiences are associated with positive emotions and trying something novel will help you head home with a feeling that you took full advantage of your trip--and your life.


Take a Walk

Taking a stroll is a quick and easy way to refresh, engage your senses, and experience the vibe of a new place. Is the event venue or business you’re visiting near your hotel? Consider walking there in the morning rather than catching a ride. Or perhaps you can find a few minutes between meetings to take a lap around the block or through a nearby park. If you have some extra time, take up a bench and do a little people watching or pop into an interesting looking shop. When you go back to work, you’ll be re-energized and ready to be productive.

Heed these pointers, and even the busiest work trip can be infused with pleasure and fun. And if you’re in town, consider using our airport car service Pittsburgh. It will be our pleasure to help you get from point to point quickly and safely so that you have a little extra time to enjoy your trip.

Posted on Feb 28 2017

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