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How Much Luggage Is Too Much in Each Vehicle Type?

At Regency Transportation, our service hires chauffeurs and trains them rigorously in the standards of care for clients and also vehicles. We ensure that luggage is safely stowed away to prevent hazardous conditions during a trip that both we and our clients want to prove comfortable and clean. If more luggage than is safe is desired to come on the trip in the passenger section, then chauffeurs judiciously pack and repack the trunk. Their training includes the most efficient way to place luggage without damaging either the luggage or the vehicle. Clients who have used us more than once often proclaim that they were uncertain if a certain odd-shaped bit of luggage could make the trip in one of our vehicles, and the chauffeur found a way to make it fit. All the professional chauffeur needs to do is calculate the square footage of the luggage and the dimensions of the storage area in the trunk. This is done while the chauffeur keeps the ultimate timing of the trip in mind, and the harried look of clients disappears and a relaxed mood takes its place.


Since Regency's founding in 1991, our service maintains that elegant travel means elegant comfort. To fulfill this mandate, we consult up front with clients to disclose our vehicles' capabilities to carry luggage and ask their luggage plans. Often, a client discovers upon this consultation that he needs more room, and because of this factor we provide a range of sizes of vehicles. For example, a weekend getaway may only need the use of our Lincoln Town Car that has sufficient storage capability for several large suitcases and a goodly number of smaller bits of luggage. The weekend getaway is only one of the Lincoln L Town Car's frequent rental usages. As a shopping trip heads from store to store, the Lincoln handles the accumulation of packages with ease and chauffeurs usher the happy shoppers back home with their prizes.


Moving along to larger needs, Regency Transportation acquired larger vehicles as our service grew to include Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Vans. The vans seat eleven and allow ease of entry with side step-in heights and a wide entry for safe boarding. Clients desiring seating for up to twenty-three passengers book our Mini-Bus. Not only do people ride in climate-controlled comfort, but overhead storage and luggage space ensures accommodation of everyone's wish to bring both needs and wants along.


In the way of professionalism, our services have no peer. Our chauffeurs watch the clock for you whether the outing is for a wedding, night on the town, rewarding effort for employees or corporate activity getting to an airport or convention venue with perfect timing. Luggage, packages and passengers all fit comfortably within the travel space in the safest manner possible. Regency Transportation takes pride in presenting Pittsburgh Transportation Group Limousines in optimal condition combined with stellar accommodation of unplanned schedule changes. For the limo Pittsburgh books in expectation of sterling service, book with Regency Transportation at your convenience. We are ready to make your next trip your most stress-free one.

Posted on Jan 24 2017

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