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Never Lose Important Items Ever Again When Traveling

pittsburgh limousine, limousine service pittsburghIt’s a familiar situation. You’re completely frazzled because you’ve been traveling all day, and after you unpack and arrange your items in the hotel room, you decide it’s time to go eat. If you’ve lost your wallet, purse or eyeglasses, you won’t be able to go out until you spend time sorting through your stuff. 

Under more dire circumstances, you might leave your important items behind at a cafe or even drop them on the street. Now you will have to do without or try to find a way to quickly replace them.

If you’re absent-minded already, the stress of travel can cause you to lose even more items, much more often. This is where Tile comes in. Tile combines a small tracking device that you attach to items you frequently lose with a smartphone app to help you find them.

Each small white Tile has a hole in it, which makes it handy for affixing to your key chain. After you pair a Tile with an item, you can keep track of it with the app. Tile relies on Bluetooth signals, making it effective for about 100 feet.

Travelers drop a Tile into their purse, bag or stick one inside their wallet, and then they can relax, secure in the knowledge that if someone steals the item or if it otherwise goes missing, they’ll be able to quickly determine its new location.

The Tile app works with the Location Services feature built into most modern smartphones. This makes it easy for Tile to remember the location of any particular item so you can quickly track it down to recover. 

With the latest update (March 31, 2015), the Tile app now lets you share details about your Tiles with friends and colleagues. You can also use the app to thank any member of the Tile community who helps you recover a lost item.

Tile is available for use on Android and iOS devices and is a free download. 

The professional trained chauffeurs at Regency Transportation know first hand how frantic passengers can get when they lose an item and how happy they become when they finally get it back. If you’re prone to losing things like your keys, wallet or purse, the Tile app may be just what you’re looking for!

Posted on Apr 17 2015

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