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Smart ways to keep stress in check during corporate travel

The phrase “corporate traveler" immediately pops into your mind the image of a person in an elegant outfit, rushing through the airport, while talking on the phone and also trying to get a snack or even desperately looking for an outlet to charge the smartphone or the laptop.

But there is more than just phone calls and the rush through the airport in this agitated and fast-moving world of business travel.

Most of these executive travelers experience an unhealthy stress from day one of their business trips until their plane gets them back home.

Thanks to the experience gathered from our corporate traveler customers, we’ve made a list of ways to diminish stress as much as possible during your future business trip.


Pack your own snacks

It might seem like a burden to pack your own snacks when you're stressed about getting ready and reaching the airport in time. But the effort pays off as you won't be hungry on the flight or be forced to choose unhealthy airport food or the few healthy ones that cost a fortune.

Therefore, choose your own preferred snacks instead of settling for those you don’t like just because you don't have any other choice. You can eat when you're hungry instead of searching the airport for food, starving while standing in a long line and then eating while returning to your terminal.


Invest in sleep materials

Many corporate travelers often complain about not getting enough quality sleep during their business trips. The lack of sleep or one that's not restful will have a negative influence on your mood and your productivity.

You surely are aware of your own sleep habits, so why don't you recreate the atmosphere from your bedroom in your hotel room and have a good night's sleep?

Try to pack an eye mask, a pair of earplugs or even a white noise machine so you can rest better.



It's also a serious problem when you can't relax yourself during corporate travel even when it’s time to do so. Therefore, we advise you not to keep your computer or tablet open at all times or your phone by your side, especially if you’ve reached your workload limit. Try to make time to relax and sleep well during corporate trips.

To avoid exhaustion, you should institute a time at which, every night, you turn off your electronics and take the time to relax. Forget about emails or text messages and focus on destressing yourself, on recharging your batteries. Only by doing this you'll remain productive, happy and healthy during your business trip.


Avoid driving yourself

An aspect that just adds up stress during your corporate travel is when you are forced to drive around and park a rental car in an unknown city. When you’re in a hurry, is very stressful to get lost or not being able to find a parking space.

Therefore, renting a car is not the right decision when you're on a tight schedule because it can't ensure your punctuality.

There is another option. By booking chauffeured transportation, you will eliminate the stress of driving and parking in an unfamiliar location and also have plenty of time on your commutes to do whatever you like.


Research, research, research

We advise you to get to know the city you'll be traveling to, the hotel you'll be staying in, all the nearby restaurants and the go to places in the area. This is useful to relieve some of the stresses associated with corporate travel.

When you have a travel plan set up in advance, you won’t have to waste time deciding where to spend your afternoon or evening.

Having all things previously arranged can help you fight stress and remain happy and healthy during your business trips.

If you don't want your corporate travel to represent a stressful period, then Limo Rental Pittsburgh is the best solution.

The correct advice can make your future business trip more productive and less stressful.

Thanks to the vast worldwide network of global partners that follow the same high-quality standards of service and professionalism that we demand of ourselves, Regency Transportation offers an excellent smooth corporate travel experience in over 500 service locations.

Whether you need an airport transfer or you have a complex schedule with multiple meetings, we’ll manage your trip appropriately so that your travel experience is as comfortable, peaceful and efficient as possible.

Limo Rental Pittsburgh is undoubtedly the best solution for all your transportation requirements, whether you're in need of complete business travel management and planning or just chauffeured travel services.

Posted on Sep 20 2016

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