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Staying fit During Business Trips

pittsburgh limo, limo service pittsburghBusiness trips make a large portion of some people’s lives. Flight attendants, athletic recruiters, consultants, regional managers and public speakers are a few examples of positions that require a great deal of traveling. Fitness and wellness are two elements that can keep a person motivated and positive while he or she is on the road. Mental and physical stability requires the presence of a good on-the-road workout plan. The following are some tips that an executive can use to keep in shape during a long trip:

Work the Stomach Muscles Frequently From Anywhere

A business person can work his or her stomach muscles every day no matter where he or she is. The person will want to pull the abdominal muscles in as far as possible and hold them in that position until he or she feels a burning sense of discomfort. The simple exercise can help to maintain the elasticity of the abdominal muscles, which will make that person appear to have six-pack abs. A worker can do the exercise on an airplane, on a boat or in a limousine. The person can do the exercise as many times that he or she desires as no limited exists to it.

Try an Early Morning Brisk Walk or Running Session

Walking is one of the healthiest exercises an executive can do. The activity does wonders for the leg and thigh muscles. Additionally, it can raise the metabolism and heart rates. A boosted metabolism can help a traveling worker to stay fit and trim. A boosted heart rate can cause some pleasant changes in the person’s brain chemistry. The serotonin levels can increase and cause the person to feel happy and optimistic.

Use Jump Ropes and Hula Hoops

Jump ropes and hula hoops are two of the most beneficial products that a person can use. An early morning rope jumping session could burn as many as 1,000 in one hour. Hula hoop fun can help a business person to shed at least 500 calories. Both activities are perfect to do first thing in the morning.

Eat Five or Six Small Meals a Day.

Keeping the metabolism rate high is the best way to burn fat with consistency. A business traveler will want to remember to eat five or six small meals per day. The five to six meal plan should include three main meals and two snacks. The two snacks should include fruits and vegetables. Trying different foods and drinks in the locale should help that traveler to keep the obligation.

Stay Hydrated

Finally, properly hydrated travelers will have increased energy and alertness. Additionally, drinking the appropriate amount of water will boost the person’s metabolism and keep weight off. Extra water in the system promotes elimination, as well. Water is the purest and most effective drink for cleaning the system. Gatorade is an amazing substitute, and electrolyte drinks are perfect.

When returning from your business trip you should think of hiring a limo in Pittsburgh that will take you to your destination in a stress-free manner.

Posted on Jun 24 2015

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