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The 8 Most Beautiful Places to Travel To This Fall in and around Pittsburgh

Fall is around the corner and we all know what that means; the already beautiful Steel City landscape is about to transform into an artist’s canvas, full of vibrant colors. You cannot experience the full extent of this amazing scenery just anywhere. As such, the specialists at our Pittsburgh car service have decided to compile a list of some of the most scenic locations in and around Pittsburgh for you to truly enjoy the gorgeous fall colors.

Before we get into it, we would like to recommend employing the services of our Pittsburgh transportation service for all your fall excursions. Fall is a time of relaxation and all you need to do is enjoy a luxurious ride in one of our deluxe vehicles and revel in the company of your friends/family as the colors whisk past you. Our professionally trained chauffeurs are committed to offering you the utmost hospitality and will go above and beyond to guarantee that your time with us is nothing short of satisfactory. Now, without further ado, let us have a look at the best places to observe fall colors in and around the Steel City. Have a great season! 

Susquehanna River Valley

Make your way to Hafer Road in Lewisburg and find the Susquehanna River Valley for some breathtaking views. Located close to State College, not a lot goes on in this part of Pittsburg, which is probably why this small slice of heaven has been preserved so well. The area is naturally hilly, which adds to the allure of the valley when a palette of colors runs up and down the valley walls.

Governor Dick Observation Tower

Head over to Manheim just beyond Mount Gretna and make your way to Governor Hill. At the very top of the hills, you will find the Governor Dick Observation Tower, which is 66 feet tall; that is more than enough for a bird’s eye in any direction. From the top of the observation tower you will be able to view thousands of trees across five Dutch County Districts, how amazing is that? You will have to take a 3-mile hike through the colorful woods to get to the tower, which is itself a fall experience on its own.

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

The Pine Creek Gorge is spread across three counties and is fondly referred to as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. This may very well be the best fall color destination in the state. The canyon offers miles of forested nature trails which give you the perfect opportunity to observe fall colors. Here you will get to enjoy scenes with beautiful waterfalls and observation platforms that anyone can appreciate. For the best views, we recommend heading over to Colton Point State Park or Leonard Harrison State Park where you will find strategically placed observation decks. Another great way to experience the fall foliage at the Grand Canyon is to take a bike and ride along Pine Creek Rail Trail at the very bottom of the creek.

Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake is located in Huntingdon County and is popular for being a summer destination but since the area is surrounded by dense forests, the typically green region transforms into an autumn wonderland during fall, making it one of the best places to view fall foliage in the state. Here lake cruises depart from Lake Raystown and the Seven Points Marina until mid-October, giving visitors a chance to view the colors at water level. Our favorite viewpoint, however, is from the lakes northern end, at the Hawn’s Overlook. That being said, however, the views from any point at Raystown Lake are pretty stunning.

Ohiopyle State Park

The Ohiopyle State Park is found along Main Street in Ohiopyle. Like Raystown Lake, Ohiopyle State Park is beautiful throughout the year, but the park really comes alive during fall. The bright colors during this season are further complimented by the waterfalls around the park, making the park much more appealing than it already is during other times of the year. While you are here, you may want to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, just beyond the State Park’ boundaries which will offer you equally beautiful fall scenery.

Jack’s Mountain Overlook

You will find Jack’s Mountain Overlook in Mifflin County atop Jack’s Mountain, part of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Here you will get a chance to enjoy views from two separate valleys, the most alluring being the Big Valley where Amish communities and commercial farmers abide. If you are lucky enough to visit on a clear day, you can view miles of the bright frosted expanse. While you are here, make your way down the mountain into Big Valley and interact with the Amish community.

Ricketts Glen State Park

Located along State Route 487 in Benton, Ricketts Glen State Park is perfect for anyone who loves waterfalls. During the fall season, the waterfalls are complemented by the bright colors of the surrounding foliage. Not only does the water flow better during fall as a result of the early rains, but the crowds during the week are minimal, leaving you a bunch of space to really take in the beauty around you. We recommend taking the Falls Trail, which will take you past all of the park’s 20 waterfalls. As a bonus, if you don’t want to walk you can also drive slowly through the trail.

Bowman’s Hill Tower

Bowman’s Hill Tower is located along Tower Road in New Hope, right along the Delaware River. The tower sits atop the same hill George Washington’s troops used before their famous crossing of the Delaware River, so you are not only getting to take in the beauty but to sit on a piece of history. At the Bowman’s Hill Tower, which was actually built in 1929, you will get to enjoy a 360-degree view that stretches up to 13 miles on clear days. The forested hills provide a beautiful backdrop and an amazing place to enjoy the bright fall foliage.

Posted on Jul 29 2019

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