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The Perfect Wedding Day Procedure

How to go about a wedding is not something a lot of us have experience in, after all, you probably only have to do it once, right? This got our Pittsburgh transportation service specialists thinking about just how many people feel absolutely confused when it comes to creating a schedule for their wedding day. Where do you start and where do you end? Well, after a lot of discussions, we have managed to come up with a basic sequence of events that would work for just about any wedding.

To ensure that your day goes as smoothly as you have envisioned, we also deeply recommend considering the aspect of transportation. Consider employing the services of a reputable car service such as our Pittsburgh limo service for your wedding transportation.

Not only will you get to ride around and arrive to the wedding venue in style and elegance, but our professionally trained chauffeurs have been trained in the art of punctuality and hospitality and will be at your beck and call, ready to cater to your every need and give you the fairy tale experience you have always dreamed of.

Below is a basic blueprint of how a wedding event should flow throughout the day. Note, you can insert several other activities that you feel are necessary in between if time allows.


You will probably wake up at 3 am, if you sleep at all, due to the excitement of the day. We, however, recommend that you try to sleep as long as possible to ensure that you are well rested for the draining day ahead of you. You will probably also not feel hungry, but remember thatís just your mind playing tricks on you. Your body needs a hearty breakfast in order to generate enough energy to go through the long day ahead.

Morning Preparation

Hang up your gown and veil in a spacious aerated room; hang it high in order to identify any parts that may need steaming or sewing. Proceed to do your hair and makeup and prepare an emergency pack that includes anything you may need for damage control in case you chip a nail, rip the gown, mess the hair, or need to reapply makeup. Finally, take a few photo moments before you leave, because this is the last time you will be single with your friends, so immortalize those last few moments.

Ushering Guests In

By the time the bride is leaving for the venue, the groom, his best man, and the ushers should already be there welcoming guests to the event. Donít forget, traditionally, the brideís family and friends sit to the left while the groomís family and friends take the seats to the right.

Bridal Arrival

When the actual ceremony is about to begin, the bridesmaids arrive and, shortly after, the bride walks in with her father. At this time, the wedding coordinator should signal for the music to start playing as the bride is walked down the aisle.

First Dance

Once the union has been officiated and the first kiss had. Itís now time for the first dance. You have probably pondered over which song you want to dance to for months. Well, we hope you found one because this is a big moment. Everyone moves aside and allows the bride and groom to enjoy their first dance as a married couple.


By this time, you have thoroughly enjoyed the reception and mingled with everyone at the event. While most people may want to stay behind and continue with the festivities, it is time to excuse Mr. and Mrs. as they head off to begin their honeymoon period.

Posted on Mar 12 2019

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