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Tips for a Fun and Safe Prom Night

Prom night is a night of fun for everyone involved. It marks the transition of teenagers from being kids to being fully fledged grownups. It is a night to let loose and enjoy what is left of your childhood, but even as you have fun, you shouldnít forget to make safety a priority. Our Pittsburgh Transportation Service has, therefore, come up with a list of helpful tips on how you can stay safe and still have fun on your prom night. Consider employing the best Pittsburgh Limo Service for your prom night transportation needs; surprise that special someone with a luxury vehicle and make their night a safe and unforgettable one.

Letís have a look at these safety tips.


If you plan on attending an after party when the actual dance has come to an end, keep in mind what you are allowed and what you arenít allowed to consume. Remember that the legal drinking age in the country was set at 21 and refrain from taking part in underage drinking if you fall below the cut-off age. Persons below 21 years of age found in possession of alcohol are charged in court with a minor misdemeanor while the use of a fake ID will lead to a charge of petty misdemeanor. Besides the legal consequences, consumption of alcohol leads to an impaired judgment and you may hurt yourself, or worse, others around you. There are numerous ways to have fun without having to drink, so adhere to the law, stay safe, and enjoy the night.

Keep Parents in the Loop

Keeping parents involved and informed is another way to stay safe during prom. Provide your parents with current information about the event and answer any question they might have about the prom night truthfully. It is also important that your parents should have the cell phone numbers of your date, your friends, and other parents. This way, in case of any incident there are multiple avenues through which they can reach you and provide you with assistance.

Hire a Car Service

Honestly, a lot of parents are worried about their children driving because they may get distracted and end up harming themselves; this fear is tripled or even quadrupled during prom. Statistically, over 50% of the student population has admitted to consuming more than 4 drinks on prom. Booking a reputable car service for your childís transportation will give you the peace of mind of knowing that a professional will be behind the wheel the entire time, from when your child is picked up to when he is dropped off back at home. It will also relieve your child of the pressure of having to navigate the roads on this night and allow him to fully enjoy the company of his peers on a night when they are transitioning to adulthood.

Regency Transportation is committed to providing exceptional chauffeured transportation services for special events. We will provide you with unrivaled service, comfort, and style.

Posted on Mar 27 2018

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