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Travel Insurance: What Business Travelers Should Know

Busy business travelers can easily get set in a routine. Flying through the same cities and staying at the same hotels time after time begins to feel like normal life, and it's easy to let common travel precautions slip. However, what happens if something goes awry? Even the best-laid plans sometimes fall apart, and that's when travel insurance becomes a critical part of travel planning.

The experts from our Pittsburgh limo service are also knowledgeable in business travel. Always looking to help our travelers have the best possible experience in our city or around the globe, we've compiled a list of the things you need to know about corporate traveler's insurance.


If you or your business travelers will be taking international trips, adding supplemental health coverage is highly recommended. Most countries will not accept US policies, and some may even require full payment for any accrued medical bills before permitting exit.

In volatile areas, strongly consider carrying an emergency evacuation policy. While these may cost a few hundred dollars, an emergency evacuation can cost up to $100,000. If the risk factor is high, but travel is necessary, a travel insurance policy is a way to mitigate huge loss potential.


After booking a trip, take a careful look at what is refundable and what is not. Most business airline tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable, and many hotels have harsh cancellation policies. Consider all of the costs and factors that could lead to potential cancellation.

For a relatively small sum, you can purchase trip insurance for entire loss with cancellation for any reason. Even if the individual simply can't make the trip for personal reasons, the costs will be refunded. For travel arrangers, this is also an excellent way to protect company assets; even if an employee with a booked flight quits or is terminated, the airline ticket price will not be lost.


Most business travelers aren't carrying around the family jewels, but many are carrying expensive company equipment, products, or other assets. The chances of them being lost or damaged may be slim, but the standard airline coverage will not help replace more than $200 of total loss. If you or your client have more than that in value, weigh the costs of additional coverage against potential losses. In many cases, additional coverage can be purchased for well under $50 and can provide a peace of mind that is well worth the money.


Most professional travel agencies and many major credit card companies will provide $200,000 of flight insurance for free when you use their services. Flight insurance is a life insurance policy in the case of accidental death on a flight, such as a crash.

We at Regency hope these travel insurance tips help you. If you are in our area and need great Pittsburgh car service, we'd love to hear from you. Our courteous, professional chauffeurs will ensure you always reach your destination safely, on time, in comfort, and in style.

Posted on Jun 06 2017

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