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Travel Tips for the Busy Executive

Weekly travel for business executives can be overwhelming. Here are 6 travel hacks to help make your traveling journey efficient and pleasant.

Place your valuables in your Carry-On

If you will be out of town for more than one day and require a checked bag. Consider placing your valuables in your carry-on bag, and just in case of a delayed flight; make sure you have at least one outfit and undergarments in your carry-on as well.

Place a Sweater or Shawl in Your Carry-on

Airplanes can be chilly; be sure to pack a sweater to double as a blanket. As always, check the extended forecast for your destination and pack accordingly.

Sign Up for Flight Status Notifications

Do you hate maneuvering through the airport trying to get to your gate on time only to find out it's been moved? With flight status notifications, you can be in the know thorough text messages or emails regarding flight and gate changes.

Put the Phone number to the Airline in Your Cellphone

To save time searching for the right contact number in case you need to call the airline during travel.

Make Sure You Use TSA Accepted Luggage Locks

Not all luggage locks are the same. If you have TSA accepted locks, they can access your bag without breaking the lock off.

Carry a Back-Up Battery for Your Phone

You never know when you will need extra battery life so pack an external battery for emergencies.

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Posted on Oct 09 2019

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