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Travel Tips: How to Breeze Through Airport Security


limo service pittsburgh, pittsburgh limoEspecially if you are running late to catch an important flight, you need to know how to breeze through airport security. Because of terrorist attacks and ongoing threats, airports throughout the country have amped up security. While this is expected and even appreciated by the American people, it creates a problem when trying to make it on a flight.

Making the Flight

The good news is that there are viable ways to get through airport security faster and without compromising safety. By following the suggestions offered, your next trip to the airport will go much smoother.

  • Prior to going to any airport, go online to learn the layout. By knowing the location of ticket counters, security points, restaurants, restrooms, terminals, and baggage claim, you will get through the airport much easier.

  • Always arrive to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight is scheduled for departure. This way, you have ample time to maneuver through even the most congested airport without feeling rushed and stressed.

  • Make sure you know and follow all security rules. For instance, certain items are banned from airplanes and even the type and quantity of toiletries are limited. Packing items that are approved will prevent you from being stopped by security. One wrong item packed or one item improperly packaged can lead to security personnel going through your entire luggage, which takes time.

  • Wear shoes that can be slipped off and on. That way, there is no time wasted in untying shoelaces during the security check.

  • If you have any type of medical implant that prevents you from walking through the standard scanner, meaning a physical body search is required, have your medical card handy.

  • Never keep a lock on any luggage. Not only will this create suspicion by security personnel, it will take time for you to get the lock off and the luggage to be checked.

  • Because computers have to be screened separate from their bags, have yours out and ready to place in one of the plastic bins at the security checkpoint station.

  • Avoid wearing metal to the airport. This includes heavy earrings, belly button rings, finger rings, belt buckles, and so on.

  • Apply for the TSA PreCheck benefit. While there is a cost involved and it takes time to process, it is a worthwhile investment. Today, the majority of U.S. airports participate in this program, as do most U.S. airlines, excluding Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant. For international travel, you can consider the Global Entry program, which for $15 promises that you will get through immigration much faster. Keep in mind that for both programs, there are stringent requirements.

  • Go to the restroom prior to heading to the airport. While bathroom breaks cannot always be avoided, they take up precious time.

  • The same is true for eating. Unless you have adequate time to enjoy a bite to eat at the airport, grab a meal at home or on the way. If you hire a driver to take you to the airport, you can eat en route without having to worry about focusing on traffic.

Important Note

Although there are viable ways to breeze through an airport, if your ticket is red-flagged, there is nothing you can do about it. You are not being picked on or targeted; as part of a random selection process, you and your luggage may be more closely inspected. When this happens, typically security will do a physical search of your person and any baggage. While this can be annoying and embarrassing, it is intended to enhance security.

Posted on Jul 29 2015

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