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The Ultimate Guide for Holiday Business Travel

The holidays are here and itís time to relax with friends and family you havenít seen all year, engage in fun activities, and head over to various exciting destinations.† However, for some of us, there is no time for relaxation because duty calls and we have to travel, not for fun, but for business. Due to the numerous amounts of travelers around this season, moving from place to place becomes even more hectic and as a business person, you work under a fixed schedule, which makes traveling for you around this season more stressful than everyone elseís. But donít panic, our Pittsburgh Transportation Service understands this all too well and, as such, we have come up with a guide to help make your business travel during the holidays a lot easier.

Make Use of your Loyalty Programs

The holidays are the perfect time to cash in your hotel, car rental, and flight loyalty points. As a business person, you must travel a lot and you have probably racked up numerous loyalty points that will earn you free rides, free tickets, discounted accommodations, free upgrades, and much more at a time when service fees are at an all-time high.

Stay Hydrated

When weíre super-busy, drinking water may be the last thing on our minds. But you have to understand that one of the best ways to keep yourself in tip-top shape both physically and mentally through all the stresses of traveling on the holidays is to stay hydrated. Keep a refillable water bottle with you at all times to remind you to keep drinking and refreshing your system throughout the course of your travels.

Sign up for Travel Alerts

Receiving excessive notifications from service providers can be annoying, but when it comes to airlines and car services, receiving notifications concerning your ride or flight can help you avoid frustrations and adjust your schedule accordingly. Transportation delays are prevalent around the holidays and staying informed at all times will help you plan and readjust accordingly as well as track cheaper flights. Who knows, you may even be able to squeeze in a flight for family and loved ones and mix business with a little bit of pleasure.

Take the Least Congested Route

During the holidays, the most convenient path may not always be the best route because everyone is fighting to take that very route. Opt for unpopular airports, roads, railways stations, etc. for time-incentive travel, reduced prices, and less stress.

Ship your Baggage

During the holidays everyone is traveling to one place or another; some people are trying to get home while others are heading to various holidays destinations and, as such, most places are unusually congested. With all that congestion, dragging around a suitcase/heavy bag or waiting for your luggage at baggage claim is extremely stressful. A simple solution for this is to employ the services of a baggage shipping company that will store and ship your luggage to your destination, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a luggage-free, stress-free business trip.

Posted on Dec 19 2017

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