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How does wearable technology help Business Travel?

Business travel is a must for many people, and itís been made much easier thanks to the introduction of wearable technology. Itís one of the most productive ways to handle business travel, and there are so many benefits to it that range from your health to your work. The chauffeurs at our Pittsburgh car service know enough about wearable technology to see the ease with which business travelers get by with it, and understand the benefits it brings to all travelers. The chauffeurs from our airport car service in Pittsburgh get to know the newest trends in travel, and wearable technology is one of the best.



Wearable technology makes your business travel a bit more private. When our chauffeurs arrive to pick you up from a meeting, we might send a text message to inform you of our arrival. Now you don't have to check your phone in the middle of a meeting when the slight vibration from your smart watch alerts you. Itís discreet, and itís not disruptive, and many business travelers feel this is the biggest benefit of wearable technology on the market.


Free Hands

Itís convenient to have a wearable tech watch. Many of us prefer to download our boarding passes for flights on our phones to avoid carrying paper passes around the airport, and now we neednít even do that. Now we can download our boarding passes on our watches so we can keep our hands free of even our phones as we go through the airport on our way to our next flight. While not all airports have the technology to read your watch boarding pass just yet, major hubs certainly do.


Communication Convenience

When your hands are full, checking your email or texts isnít easy. When you have a smart watch, itís much simpler. Your texts, calls, and emails go through your watch, so you neednít find a quick place to put things down so you can dig through your handbag or pockets to find your phone. You can answer, respond, and read messages on your wrist, which means you get to move more quickly and conveniently through the airport.


Itís Healthier

When you wear your technology on your wrist, it keeps track of your activity level. When you see an alert throughout the day letting you know you havenít had enough exercise, you havenít had enough movement, or you need to breathe, itís a good reminder to stay healthy and on track with your life. Itís easy to forget to move when youíre traveling for business, but this kind of technology doesnít allow you to forget so easily.

Wearable technology definitely has a place in business travel, and itís only going to become more prevalent. This kind of technology makes travel easier, more enjoyable, and far more productive for those who are often on the road.

Posted on Apr 04 2017

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