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Wedding Transportation: What Every Bride Needs to Know

Every bride knows she needs a special car to arrive at the wedding venue, but it takes a little know-how to get to your wedding in style. Your wedding is the event you have been dreaming about for your whole life, and now itís time for the dream to become a reality.

At times, all wedding transportation arrangements about the actual ceremony and the traditional customs are attended to by the bride or her family. While basic wedding transportation requirements must be taken care of, there are some other needs that a bride should know of.

We know that your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. Wedding day transportation can seem like a huge headache. Hereís what you need to know to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

It is true that the bride or her family are not expected to arrange for the transportation of all their guests. Only the immediate family and closest relatives along with the dearest friends accompany the bride, in the same limo or other cars. Some families rent all the cars needed, others opt for a limo for the bride and use their own vehicles for others.

Nowadays, brides and grooms have started providing wedding transportation to all their guests. This has emerged into a trend and many people these days expect such a convenience. In fact, many couples are doing away with favors or expression of thanks and other customs that cost money but donít really have any lasting impression to make way for more pragmatic arrangements such as wedding transportation. On your big day, Regency Global Transportation Group will make sure every detail is perfect. Our fancy vehicles and reliable chauffeurs will deliver you to the church, photo sessions, and reception on schedule and in style.

Give Your Attendants a Ride

The sheer fun of having the entire wedding party on a limo bus can be unmatched. The bride may or may not accompany this party. There is no rule against it though. It is always better to have the guests get to know one another so everyone can become familiar with the spirited jubilation. The party does not have to begin after the ceremony. The gala can start en route.

Wedding transportation for groups or all guests can be handy too. It can help brides organize their wedding party and have everyone arrive at the same time. Besides, it is an unmatched joy to watch everyone having a great time right from the house or hotel all the way to the venue and then again on their way back. The fun at the venue also gets accentuated because distant relatives and other guests who are not familiar with everyone get accustomed to the groove by then.

As a bride, you may wonder if you should have your wedding limo and the limo bus waiting for your family, friends, and guests or you should have them get back to the venue after a few hours. Many brides choose to pay for the wait while some segregate the schedule neatly to have different timeslots. Both approaches may work, but the latter is slightly inconvenient. You would not be able to attend to major transportation needs if some people need to go somewhere during the waiting time when you have decided not to have the vehicles and the chauffeurs on standby. Some guests may not be able to turn up right at the start of the ceremony and may need to be picked up sometime later. Some guests may need to leave early. There are many variables here, which is why we recommend having your wedding transportation on standby throughout the ceremony and the subsequent party. Make sure that you, your wedding party, and your guests arrive at your destination in luxury and comfort with our professional, dependable Pittsburgh limo service.

The wedding specialists at Regency Global Transportation Group will help you plan and select the most appropriate vehicles for your wedding day.

We are the wedding experts. Weíve been in the industry for a long time and have helped plan and execute transportation for hundreds of weddings. When you choose us for your wedding transportation, youíre in good hands.

Posted on Apr 10 2018

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