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What’s Your Travel Persona?

Every traveler has a distinct persona that they use while they are on the road. Some travelers have more than one, depending on whether they are traveling for recreation or business. Knowing which persona is your own can greatly influence the locations you choose to go to or the adventures in which to embark upon in your free time.

In order to aid your voyage of self-discovery, here are the three main travel personas with their distinctive traits and baseline preferences.



The adventuresome persona fits the traveler whom many people talk to and about. He may have an immense range of personal stories and trinkets he has picked up from all the countries he has visited. He enjoys unique experiences and one-of-a-kind trips off the beaten track.

Many people who fit into this category eschew traditional ways of seeing the world, such as guided tours. They may use some small part of these, such as guided audio tours through museums; however, they would rather organize their trip themselves. They also enjoy unplanned stops and events, such as a local parade or tiny local restaurants. The adventuresome persona focuses on the great experiences and thrilling actives available to him abroad.



The romantic persona embodies the traveler looking for love, passion, and romance along with a dream vacation. Many people who fit this persona have been or would like to travel to locations such as Paris, Venice, and Rome. The untamed nature, the exotic smells, and tastes of the bazaar, and/or the lure of the sea may all be strong pulls for this traveler.

However, not all types of love, romance, and passion are about finding romantic love. The romantic traveler might also be someone with a deep passion for history, nature, art, and more. In general, this type of person focuses chiefly on things, places, and countries associated with her passions, regardless of what they may be.



The intellectual personas, as the name indicates, desire to travel to broaden their minds and enlarge their horizons. This group of travelers may be deeply immersed in the more traditional ways of seeing the world, as these ways convey the most information to the travelers in the least amount of time.

Many people who fit into this category long to see the landmarks of the world, from the Colosseum in Rome to the pyramids of Egypt. Famous museums and archeological digs also can be found on their lists. Some of these travelers can give out exact dates for battles and events that happened right where they traveled, no matter where they might be.


In Conclusion

Pittsburgh offers something for each and every travel persona, with all the variations in between. Another thing that spans all three personas is the need for transportation. Why not forget about the stress of navigating all the busy and foreign roads from your travels by using our Pittsburgh limo service? It stands proudly among the Pittsburgh transportation services, ready and waiting to serve all your unique needs.

Posted on Apr 18 2017

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