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Your safety – our duty

Regency Limousine's goal is to provide the highest quality services possible, always ensuring a secure, comfortable and punctual journey. Therefore, we struggle to offer you a memorable experience, starting with the moment you enter our limo and ending up with the one you step out of it.

Only a professional ground transportation service company, with a vast experience, can be devoted to surpass every client’s expectations of reliability, safety, quality, and professionalism. We can fulfill a vast array of ground transportation needs, from both corporate and leisure travelers.

Our skilled and experienced employees are always at your disposal, being devoted to custom-making cost-effective options and accomplishing all your ground transportation requirements.

You can rest assured knowing that we uphold only the most rigorous duty of care standards in our domain of activity, trying and succeeding to both protect your safety and ensure a memorable transport adventure.

You can count on our various services which range from local, thoroughly investigated drivers to experienced security chauffeurs for medium risk locations, armored cars, police escorts or executive protection services for high-risk areas.

We place our passengers' safety above anything else. This is why we try to educate our employees continuously and to hire only professional chauffeurs, perceptive staff and always uphold precautionary safety standards.

Did you know that your designated Regency chauffeur can check your flight arrival status even before leaving for the airport, guaranteeing a punctual pick-up every time? Regency has the flight tracking software that gives our dispatch team the ability to check your flight’s progress and to adjust your pick-up time accordingly if there are delays or early arrivals.

Our chauffeurs will stop near the AVIS counter in baggage claim before the flight's arrival, having a visible sign with the passenger or group name. The chauffeur will help you with your luggage and ask you to confirm your destination before setting out.


Chauffeur Screening & Training

Each chauffeur that we employ has to pass a rigorous screening test that consists of criminal background checks, an extensive review of motor vehicle records and also checked references. There is also a mandatory drug test before getting hired. Afterward, random drug tests are also performed to ensure your safety. We guarantee to hire only the most skilled and trustworthy chauffeurs, who pass various thorough tests and have excellent references. Also, our chauffeurs are undoubtedly the most intensively trained people in their domain. They have to undergo a comprehensive training program that includes hours of instruction, tips to safe driving, geography knowledge and professional courtesy principles.


On-Site Maintenance & Vehicle Safety

We are committed to keeping you safe and secure no matter what. Therefore, we continuously double-check that our vehicles to undergo routine maintenance and cleaning. The vehicles that we provide are elegant, excellently maintained and 100% safe to ensure the best transport experience. Our entire fleet is subject to daily inspections and precautionary methods.


Sophisticated Technology

Our chauffeurs also have the advantage of being supported by a sophisticated technology system 24/7. They receive live traffic updates and weather reports, meaning all the necessary info to get you to your destination safely and on time. And we are always investing in the latest technologies to provide you with better services.


High-Limit Liability Insurance

In the unlikely case that a passenger is involved in an accident in one of our vehicles, we guarantee you that we will take care of everything. Our chauffeurs have high-limit liability insurance policies that will cover all the expenses. Our company also maintains its blanket insurance coverage as a company to meet or surpass any potential shortfalls of a driver’s policy.

By choosing Regency Transportation, you choose a company that takes its Duty of Care standards very seriously and strives to always meet and even surpass the strict self-imposed norms, making us unique in the limousine services domain.

Regency Global Transportation Group is a top company in the chauffeured transportation industry, in the Pittsburgh area and all around the world. Regency has the educated customer service experts and the professional chauffeurs to provide its clients with a world-class experience every single time.


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Posted on Oct 25 2016

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