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Your Safety – Our Priority

Most of us only heard of it on the 7th of October but a tragic road accident shook New Yorkers and America as a whole when a 2001 Ford Excursion lost control along Route 30 in Upstate, New York, leaving 20 people dead at around 2pm on the 6th of October. The SUV-style limousine was ferrying 18 occupants on their way to Amy Steenburg’s (one of the occupants) 30th birthday party when it lost control at a T-shaped intersection, rammed into a parked vehicle, ran over two pedestrians, and finally came to a stop at the bottom of a steep ditch. Amongst those killed were four sisters, two brothers, and two sets of newlyweds.

Unverified sources claim that the driver of the limousine was not properly certified to drive the vehicle, that the limousine itself had failed a routine operations test, and that one of the occupants had even texted her cousin complaining about the poor state of the vehicle just a few minutes before tragedy struck. The real cause of the accident, however, is yet to be determined pending further investigations by the relevant authorities.

This was the worst ground transportation crash since 2009 and it has left the entire concierge transportation service shocked, to say the least. This incident has also prompted our Pittsburgh limousine service to conduct some reevaluation to see if we are exercising duty of care in our own operations. From the self-assessment we conducted, we are confident when we say that our clients’ safety is at the top of our priority. Our Pittsburgh transportation service takes limo safety very seriously and guarantees the safety of all our clients as well as their property, and this is how we do it.


Our Fleet

Our concierge car transportation service has a truly impressive fleet, suitable for any and all needs. But beyond that we take meticulous care of our vehicles, ensuring that they are maintained in top running condition at all times. Our vehicles undergo a routine inspection before they are dispatched, which guarantees you safe ride every time you set foot in one of our vehicles.


GPS Tracking

As an additional measure to maintain your safety, our vehicles are also fitted with GPS tracking devices, which allow us to track your progress along your route as well as to follow up and possibly alert authorities and first responders in case of any unusual activity. This guarantees that you are constantly in our radar and further helps us assess the performance and efficiency of our chauffeurs for better customer service in the future.


Highly Vetted Chauffeurs

What use is a perfectly functional vehicle without a competent and reliable chauffeur, right? All our chauffeurs have to undergo a rigorous vetting process before they can qualify to drive our vehicles. We conduct extensive background checks, ensure that our chauffeurs are properly certified and licensed, and take the chauffeurs through a personalized customer care training process to give you, not only a safe ride, but an all-round, satisfying transportation experience.

Posted on Nov 06 2018

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